Symposium Interview Series 2010


This year marked the the 75th anniversary of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Symposia on Quantitative Biology. This years topic was on Nuclear Organization and Function. As in recent years we had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with the top scientists and researchers in the field to discuss their work, their ideas, and beyond.  To sit in on the chats or take them on the go just click on the Podcast directory located at the top of our page.


Interviews with leading experts recorded at CSHL's 75th Symposium on Nuclear Organization & Function

Interviews recorded June 2 - June 6, 2010, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York

GENEVIEVE ALMOUZNI interviewed by Jan Witkowski

ANGELIKA AMON interviewed by Jan Witkowski

STEPHEN BAYLIN interviewed by Sabbi Lall

WENDY BICKMORE interviewed by Guy Riddihough

GUNTER BLOBEL interviewed by Emilie Marcus

TITIA DE LANGE interviewed by Emilie Marcus

GARY FELSENFELD interviewed by Emilie Marcus

JOSEPH GALL interviewed by Jan Witkowski

SUSAN GASSER interviewed by Richard Sever

ROBERT GOLDMAN interviewed by Sabbi Lall

JOHN GURDON interviewed by Jan Witkowski

EDITH HEARD interviewed by Guy Riddihough

LYNNE MAQUAT interviewed by Guy Riddihough

TOM MISTELI interviewed by Richard Sever

KIM NASMYTH interviewed by Emilie Marcus

DANIELA RHODES interviewed by Guy Riddihough

PAM SILVER interviewed by Jan Witkowski

DAVID SPECTOR interviewed by Richard Sever

TIMOTHY STEARNS interviewed by Sabbi Lall

JOAN STEITZ interviewed by Richard Sever

KEN ZARET interviewed by Sabbi Lall

Featured Interviews for 2010

Photography by Connie Brukin

Pictured above, Lynne Maquat poised before her interview. Below, Tom Misteli explains challenges in Nuclear Architecture.